Seven Reasons to Need an Emergency Rental Generator

Almost everything in the modern world relies on electric power and your business is no exception. You need it to run your computers, keep the lights on, and the HVAC flowing through your facilities. Without it, there’s no networking, contacting customers, running equipment, or getting any work done at all and, as we all know, time is money. Every minute your facilities are dark could cost you thousands of dollars meaning that a long wait for the electric repair service to fix the problem simply isn’t an option. This is exactly the reason why we offer emergency rental generators to commercial and industrial businesses. Come rain, sleet, snow, thunderstorms, or just everyone turning on their space heaters all at once, we will get you powered back up so you can get back to business ASAP.

When will you need an emergency rental generator? Sometimes you’ll know ahead of time and sometimes you won’t, but we can tell you the seven most common reasons companies like yours call in for a few hours, days, or even months of emergency power generation.

  1. When the Power Goes Out

    Every now and then something happens to the line of power between the municipal source and your facilities. Maybe a line blew down in a storm, an old tree branch fell, or something even more unusual. The point is that you can’t control it and won’t be able to see it coming. If your standby system simply isn’t sufficient or the outage goes on longer than it can compensate for, you’ll need a stop-gap solution until the city power comes back. This is the number one reason why people find themselves calling up for a rental generator.

  2. When You Need More Power

    In many industries, certain times of year or portion of your manufacturing process requires much more power than usual. When this happens and your local supply either can’t meet your needs or you could seriously boost efficiency with extra power, this is a great time to bring in a rental generator to provide additional electricity to your process.

  3. When the Grid Needs More Power

    Even if your power consumption patterns have remained the same, certain regions and times of year often face rolling black or brown outs due to an increased amount of power used across the entire grid. This is most common in cold climates when everyone fires up their central air and space heaters or hot climates when everyone cranks up the AC. If your facilities can’t afford to wait these out, or if intermittent power could damage your process, a rental generator is exactly the kind of backup you need for these temporary problems.

  4. Backup for Special Events

    If your company is hosting a special event, all the extra lights, equipment, appliances, or displays can put a lot of extra stress on your normal power supply. While this may be beautiful, fun, and ultimately profitable, it also puts you at a much higher risk of overloading your own power supply and nothing kills a party like a power outage. Many companies hire a rental generator to ensure that their gala goes off without a hitch. Organizers of special events tend to be less in-the-know when it comes to certifications, standards and emissions tiers for generators. Luckily, most rental companies take care of all this and let organizers focus on the event.

  5. Power for Remote Events

    Sometimes an event takes you out of your central facilities. Whether you’re hosting a company party at an executive’s residence or have reason to set up far from conventional power supplies, you can always bring along a rental generator to provide the necessary power for music, lights, and heating or cooling for your guests no matter where the party takes you.

  6. While Repairing Your Sub Station

    If you’re thinking about electricity, you’re well aware that your company’s internal substation and electrical equipment needs maintenance and upgrades like anything else. Unfortunately, it’s also the way your facilities get power. If you can’t afford to shut down during the repair times (and who can?) a temporary power solution is the perfect answer. A rental generator can keep your business rolling, from retail stores to full sized manufacturing plants, even when your sub station is down for repairs.

  7. In Case of Emergency

    The listed reasons why you might need a rental generator are only the most common. There are still dozens of edge-cases and truly unexpected and unpredictable events that could, for some reason, cut the power to your business. The last thing you need is to find yourself in the dark, losing money without a plan. Make sure you know where and how to get an emergency rental generator before an emergency occurs.

    Worldwide Power Products is a proud provider of rental generators in the greater Houston area and would be honored to be your emergency power solution. For more information please contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the services we can offer your business for your planned and unplanned power needs.