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Natural Gas Generator Sets For Sale

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We can cut a typical generator manufacturers lead time by more than 50%!

WPP offers an extensive collection of commercial and industrial-grade, new and used natural gas generators for sale ranging in sizes from 20kW to 2000kW.  Whether you seek portable or stationary; standby or prime; natural gas or field wellhead gas – we can ensure you find what you are looking for. Our technical team can assist gas analysis, sizing and custom power solutions. View our inventory of natural gas generators below to find the unit that best fits your business needs. We guarantee the highest quality to our customers.



Natural gas is recognized as one of the most efficient and cleanest burning fossil fuels. With its efficiency, cost-effectiveness of fuel source and reduced air emissions, natural gas generators are increasingly becoming the choice of for both backup energy source and primary. The nation’s extensive pipeline distribution network allows natural gas to be available directly and immediately from its source without the need for separate fuel delivery or storage. Even with the higher cost of new natural gas generators, there are numerous advantages. As an alternative, low-hour, used units are in high demand and readily available.

We have the experience in industrial, commercial, and Oil & Gas markets to provide the most suitable generator tailored to your specific application. Our power generation knowledge allows us to match your budget, location, and field conditions.


WPP offers new natural gas generators for immediate delivery in a broad range of capacity, from 20kW to 2000kW, at the best possible price and shortest delivery time. We can provide major natural gas generator brands, including Caterpiller, HiPower, Cummins, Wakesha and many others.


We stock a large inventory of ready-to-ship used, low-hour natural gas generators, immediately available at our Houston facility. Each unit has been closely scrutinized and thoroughly tested to assure its best performance. If we can’t fit your requirement locally, we will utilize our large nationwide network of reputable providers to find and quickly deliver the exact generator for your needs.


WPP can build a customized package specifically designed to run on your field gas. Our expert sales engineers will partner with you to customize the perfect solution for your power needs. Our service team will then assemble natural gas generator packages correctly sized for your application. Our custom packages can include a gas scrubber to counteract water impurities, all-weather enclosures, dual fuel capabilities, portability, and low-emissions. All units come with options for our clients to rent, lease, or own.


Gas Analysis
WPP’s technical team can analyze your specific gas sample to determine its BTU levels and methane number.

Generator Sizing
Our experience has shown that generators are often improperly sized due to overestimated load at a site. This sizing problem frequently leads to engine failures and downtime. Our technical team can correctly size your natural gas generator to fit your application in order to assure the best possible performance with reduced maintenance and downtime.

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