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Keeping Your Generator Cool: Maintenance Tips for Summer

We’ve given you our pointers for keeping your generator operating in cold weather, but if you’re in Texas like we are, you’re going to find you need maintenance tips for hot weather a lot more often.  Safeguarding your standby or continuous generator during extreme heat is important not only for the life of the generator, but to guarantee that performance is not affected.  At around 104...

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cold weather generator tips

Cold Weather Generator Maintenance Tips

When generators used for standby or continuous power will be operated at 32°F (0°C) or below – especially for extended periods of time – operators must take precautions to ensure the generator will start reliably, get to the desired load quickly, and continue to run without incident and unnecessary stress and wear on the engine.  Like most equipment, standby generators...

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How to Troubleshoot a Voltage Regulator with a 9V Battery

We are coming into summer season when we see many voltage regulator failures due to extreme heat…  Our own VP of Sales – David Vennie has a trick to save you money by quickly identifying if it’s a simple voltage regulator failure versus a major issue with your generator end. This trick will help you determine if it is the voltage regulator or if it is something else major. ...

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NFPA 110 – An Accessible Guide for Emergency & Standby Generator Operators

Standby generators switch on to restore power to your business during an outage, preventing melting freezers or data loss from costing your company thousands or millions of dollars. However, these generators must be installed according to codes set by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) in order to operate safely and efficiently. NFPA 110 stipulates the requirements for operating and...

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Generator Load Bank Testing – What You Need to Know About the Procedure

Learn why WPP’s Load Bank Testing Services are critical to your generator’s performance For many companies, having a standby generator is important in keeping crucial services operating in times of an outage. For those involved in the healthcare industry, for example, this includes situations where having power can mean the difference between life or death. For those who operate data centers...

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Securing Generators from Theft & Vandalism

Generators are valuable to your business. While they are expensive, they are also essential to your operation. Any downtime can lead to costs adding up quickly. Yet, generators can be stolen or damaged through vandalism. Even large industrial generators that seem to be safe can still be a target for experienced thieves with the right determination and motivation. All generators can suffer costly...

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Industrial Generator Training

Industrial generators are highly specialized pieces of equipment. Individuals who work with them on a regular basis should have adequate training to properly evaluate the condition of the machine, as well as have the knowledge and expertise to fix any problems they find. Generators built for industrial use are normally powered by natural gas or diesel. Knowing the power source used will...

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