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Generator Silencers – Different Types & Sound Ratings

Generator Silencers – Different Types & Sound Ratings For many business owners and project managers, one of the biggest concerns about investing in a generator has been the noise control.  Noise pollution is a real problem in many parts of the world and, like air pollution, it can have negative effects on the people it reaches.  But just as carbon emissions have been dramatically...

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The Role of a Transfer Switch for Portable & Standby Generators

You already know having a generator for your home or business is a great way to ensure the necessary backup power when you need it most. But what about other items you need to go with it for optimum use? One of the most important accessories for a generator is a transfer switch. This small piece of added equipment makes the backup power process seamless and helps ensure overall safety. Here is...

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400kW Rental

Difference Between Continuous, Prime & Standby Generators

Learn which type of WPP-supplied genset is best for your project When selecting the right generator for any application, there are dozens of factors to think about. One key place to start is with the generator’s ratings. Ratings, at their most basic level, are designed to provide insight into how much power the generator is capable of producing. They also define how and what types of...

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WPP generator service technician

Noise Pollution in Diesel Generators

Benefits of using diesel generators may include fuel savings, reliability, lower maintenance costs, and an extended lifespan. These advantages make it easy to understand why diesel has become popular for the main or backup source of industrial, commercial, and even home power generation. While durability, power output, and fuel consumption may factor into your choice of generators, you also need...

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Generator load bank test by WPP technician

Load Bank Types: Resistive vs Reactive vs Resistive/Reactive vs Electronic

Generators are often kept for the purpose of emergencies. By their very nature, emergencies often transpire unexpectedly, and that’s why operations and facilities, particularly those in the oil and gas industry or services industry (e.g., data centers and hospitals), have generators onsite for standby purposes. A permanent or portable backup generator can give you peace of mind knowing you have...

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What You Need to Know About Storage Tank Standards UL-142 & UL-2085

At Worldwide Power Products, we sell and rent generators. This includes diesel generators for a variety of applications. The diesel needed to power these generators requires proper storage in tanks often located onsite. Companies and site operators must maintain specific requirements for these storage tanks. It’s up to the property owner and company to learn about the specific standards for...

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What You Need to Know About Generator Enclosure Types

Enclosures are growing in importance for generator use, especially in industrial applications. Increasingly, building designers are looking for ways to get the most out of every space they have within a building, moving the generator set outdoors. In large-scale renovations, upgrading an area of a building to meet the power demands and larger generators requires a significant amount of investment...

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