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Diesel vs. Natural Gas: Which Type of Industrial Generator Is Right For You?

Diesel and natural gas are the two most popular fuel types for industrial-class generators. There are pros and cons to each type, there’s no one-size-fits-all when evaluating which is the better option. Both offer reliable power in a more environmentally friendly way than ever before.  But let’s dig into the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of generator to help you decide...

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LakeWaco during Winter Storm Uri

Backup Power Generation: Declare Independence from the Texas Electric Grid

The Texas power grid has been under a microscope in the wake of its epic failures during Winter Storm Uri in 2021.  For many business owners, it was a wakeup call: without backup power, their operations were completely at the mercy of factors outside their control. And even if the grid weren’t unstable, this lack of sovereignty is enough to keep any responsible business owner up at...

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Installing backup power generator by crane onto concrete pad at Gulf Coast Distillers

Site Planning for Industrial Generator Installation

Industrial generators are typically massive pieces of equipment, and rightly so–they may be called upon to power your entire business’ operations when grid power fails. Because of their complexity, their unavoidable propensity to emit fumes and noise, their sheer size, and the significant financial investment they require, owners must dedicate careful thought to planning the site...

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How Backup Generators Can Save Your Business During a Power Outage

Business interruption insurance might be able to supplement your income after a power outage, but it can’t recover the customers you may lose while your deliveries are delayed or your service offerings come to a halt. That’s why backup power generation is the best insurance there is.  Worldwide Power Products can set you up with a new or used backup generator for sale or rental, or a...

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Sun shining at dusk on city skyline

Keeping Your Generator Cool: Maintenance Tips for Summer

We’ve given you our pointers for keeping your generator operating in cold weather, but if you’re in Texas like we are, you’re going to find you need maintenance tips for hot weather a lot more often.  Safeguarding your standby or continuous generator during extreme heat is important not only for the life of the generator, but to guarantee that performance is not affected.  At around 104...

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Generator Silencers – Different Types & Sound Ratings

Generator Silencers – Different Types & Sound Ratings For many business owners and project managers, one of the biggest concerns about investing in a generator has been the noise control.  Noise pollution is a real problem in many parts of the world and, like air pollution, it can have negative effects on the people it reaches.  But just as carbon emissions have been dramatically...

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cold weather generator tips

Cold Weather Generator Maintenance Tips

When generators used for standby or continuous power will be operated at 32°F (0°C) or below – especially for extended periods of time – operators must take precautions to ensure the generator will start reliably, get to the desired load quickly, and continue to run without incident and unnecessary stress and wear on the engine.  Like most equipment, standby generators...

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