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Smog and air pollution cityscape

Are Diesel Generators Bad for the Environment?

Having been created more than a century ago, diesel engines have had a long time to cement themselves in the public consciousness. Through the decades, owners of these incredible machines the world over have celebrated them for their durability and raw power.  However, generators that run on diesel engines have also developed a reputation for being unfriendly to the environment. The question...

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Natural gas generator at Worldwide Power Products

Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

Over the last few years, the demand for clean energy sources has grown. As companies and homeowners alike start to consider the impact on the environment and overall fuel cost, many are opting for something a little bit different when it comes to choosing a power generation source. Natural gas generators have been one of the leading, cleaner alternatives, thought by many to be the bridge between...

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Diesel fuel polishing samples

How to Effectively Clean Diesel with Fuel Polishing

One of the most common concerns with deploying a diesel generator is fuel storage - over the long-term, effective storage presents a unique set of challenges. While you might be tempted to stock up or to leave a full tank sitting for an extended period of time, the risk of contamination becomes much greater the longer it is kept. In turn, this can cause damage to your generator and leave you in...

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Did You Know?

Diesel fuel begins to degrade after only 22 days from the times it is refined. As such, any industry that requires diesel fuels to be stored for long periods of time, must look towards technologies or systems that can help slow down or prevent the degradation....

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Diesel fuel polishing samples

Houston’s Scorching Summers Are Destroying Your Backup Generator – Beware Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel can be stored for up to 6 months at 86°F before it starts to break down. But 86°F is balmy compared to Houston’s average summer temperature of 91°F. Individual days can reach into the hundreds. And a tank left out in the burning sun will get even hotter than that... At these temperatures, diesel fuel breaks down FAST. With this breakdown comes sludge, sediment, and...

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Diesel fuel polishing samples

Diesel Fuel Management for Standby Generators – Hows, Whats & Whys

Maintenance programs are a common and critical component for generators. The frequency and steps revolve around the type of generator, the use, and the environment in which it operates. In some cases, a simple visual monthly inspection is all that’s needed. Others require specific steps every two years. Most generators require maintenance in the bi-annual to annual range. While generators...

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Different Grades of Diesel Fuel Used in Diesel Generators

A continuous supply of clean fuel must be provided to the fuel systems of both prime generators and standby or backup applications for optimal performance when in use. One of the most common forms of fuel used for this purpose is diesel, thus, diesel generators are in high demand. The reasons for diesel are manifold: Diesel is reliable; Diesel is commercially readily available; Diesel...

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