Stranded Gas Expert Dave Vennie Presents Solutions to Trying Issues – A Powerful Presentation from WPP Representative


Torrent WPP shale gas refrigeration process flow
“When capturing NGL’s, processing any sort of field gas, or operating any natural gas generator set on these kinds of fuels, it is extremely important to ensure the configuration is correct before converting and running your operation,” says Vennie.

Dave Vennie, VP of Sales and Engineering for Worldwide Power Products, a major source for used and new engines and generator sets based in Houston, Texas, presented the keys to unlocking solutions to stranded gas issues. The venerable Vennie was one of the keynote speakers at a gas/electric conference, and he lived up to his reputation as a powerful expert in improving processes and expanding expertise in key gas/electric industry segments.

Vennie discussed ways to conquer problems of NGL Capture, VOC Emissions Reduction, and Natural Gas Generator Sets at variable BTU levels. NGL is defined in Investopedia as “naturally occurring elements found in natural gas, and includes propane, butane, and ethane, among others. NGLs are valuable as separate products, and it is therefore profitable to remove them from the natural gas. The liquids are first extracted from the natural gas and later separated into different components.” His speech shed light on some of the problems which present financial and logistical barriers to getting stranded gas to the market.

His Powerpoint-supported presentation showed in detail the NGL separation and collection results from a case study in McKenzie County, North Dakota. VOC emissions were reduced by 83%, and they captured 80% of NGLs and recovered 16,375 gallons a day of NGLs. The presentation also broke out bakken flaring statistics by locations and the percentage of monthly gas flared. Vinnie also demonstrated the inlet gas conditions, comparing them with the outlet gas conditions, breaking down before and after flow rates, gross heating value, and C2+ GPM content, ultimately showing the ending results in flare volume reduction, flare intensity reduction, VOC emission reduction, C3+ recovery by volume, and Y-grade NGL recovery by gallons.

In summarizing his impactful presentation, Mr. Vennie said:

“When capturing NGLs, processing any sort of field gas, or operating any natural gas generator set on these kinds of fuels, it is extremely important to ensure the configuration and set-up of the engine is correct before converting and running your operations on natural gas generator sets. If you get this piece correct, it will add significant uptime to your operations.”

Mr. Vennie presented at the 2015 Gas/Electric Partnership Conference held in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015, at the Northwest Forest Conference Center. The session was moderated by Kerry Masson of Hess Corporation and Marybeth Nored of Apache Corporation.

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