Securing Generators from Theft & Vandalism

Generators are valuable to your business. While they are expensive, they are also essential to your operation. Any downtime can lead to costs adding up quickly. Yet, generators can be stolen or damaged through vandalism. Even large industrial generators that seem to be safe can still be a target for experienced thieves with the right determination and motivation. All generators can suffer costly damage if vandalism occurs.

Stories like this happen all the time – a $75,000 generator stolen in Deerfield Beach, FL and all the thieves needed to do was break a padlock. The generator was standing atop a trailer which the thieves attached to their pickup truck.

However, there are steps you can take to safeguard your generators to prevent them from being stolen or damaged. Follow these steps to monitor, protect, and deter theft and vandalism.



Steps You Can Take to Improve Security

It’s always essential to create a customized security solution for your generator. That means applying a variety of methods that work to reduce the risks to your location and the generator itself. The following steps can help you get started.


#1: Start Protections Immediately

Don’t store your new generator in a trailer or outdoors when it first arrives at your location. It’s important for it to arrive and to be put in place, with security measures ready, immediately. Many times, a generator left in a trailer just makes it easier for thieves to steal it.


#2: Add Lighting Throughout the Space

Thieves have no interest in targeting areas that put them at risk. Lights can be an easy deterrent then. Place ample lighting (fixed lighting) around the generator. Some of today’s modern security cameras have built-in spotlight cameras. These can work very well to minimize some of the threat just by using the lights alone.


#3: Fence It in

Fencing in your outdoor generator is always advisable both for liability reasons and to minimize theft. While a basic fencing system is a good start, the more valuable and essential your generator is, the more important it is for you to choose more advanced options. For example, a method that provides for remote monitoring and alerts is ideal. Consider a solution like Tag Systems. Its TagAlarm System helps to detect any unauthorized entry and then sends an alarm to a control center for response.


#4: Use a Storage Box

A storage box works well to provide ample protection. A variety of companies offer these specially designed boxes to help protect the generator from common risks including theft. Storage boxes can protect against threats such as vandalism, damage, and theft. Many times, these well-designed boxes can also work to lower your insurance premiums.


#5: Alarm Systems

Installing an alarm system of any type can be an important investment. A variety of options exist from a CCTV system to a full-scale alarm system with remote monitoring. It can be an expensive option from a standalone perspective, but if you already have a security system in place, consider tying in your generator area to it.


#6: Block Access to it

It may seem simplistic, but many times you just need to make it hard for people to gain access to these items. Large generators can only be stolen from a site with a vehicle. For example, you can block it in using other pieces of heavy machinery. Though you do need to follow all requirements from your manufacturer for proper airflow, this allows you to control more of the access.


#7: Remove the Wheels

Yet another seemingly simple solution is very effective. Lots of work sites use trailer-mounted generators, especially rental generators, when the equipment is required for a brief time. Yet trailers make removing the equipment a far easier exercise. By getting rid of the wheels on your generator, and putting the unit on wooden blocks instead, you make it far harder for the thief to move the device, creating ample security.


#8: Protect Your Fuel, Too

While the main focus is often on protecting the actual generator, you also need to consider steps to protect your fuel from theft. This is a very common risk. However, remote monitoring systems can work very well for this. For example, Enviromon has a system that uses sensors to catch instances of theft or even fuel leaks.  


In each of these cases, your goal is to make it hard to steal your generator. Most of these options are inexpensive and highly effective.