Cheaper, Cleaner, More Efficient

There is nothing wrong with using diesel engines.

They have been an industrial mainstay for more than a century and have proven to be reliable and perform admirably.  As part of our broad offering, we sell and lease them for many applications, so we know how well they perform.

For remote oil and gas drilling and production locations, however, there is an alternative to be considered.   The substitute is a natural gas engine, powered by raw gas flowing directly from the wellhead. The gas is analyzed to determine its properties for use in a reciprocating engine.

Utilizing wellhead gas as your primary fuel source for your generator is less expensive, requires no trucking or storage, produces reduced emissions and burns more completely with minimal flaring.Raw wellhead gas has impurities and is co-mingled with other hydrocarbons, unlike pipeline natural gas that heats our homes among other things.  To be used as engine fuel, the gas has to undergo a comprehensive analysis of its properties to determine its compatible with the engine operating parameters.

Worldwide Power Products has prepared an e-book, ‘Running Natural Gas Generators Using Wellhead Gas’, that answers six questions that you need to know in order to select a wellhead gas engine.

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This informative publication is instructive in an easy-to-comprehend style that helps in your selection of the best generator set for your drilling/production applications.

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David Vennie
Vice President, Sales and Engineering
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