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Standby Natural Gas Generators

Fuel-source reliability and environmental regulations or concerns are the primary reasons why organizations select natural gas generators for standby or backup power. Where generators may go long periods without being run other than for testing, concerns about long-term diesel storage is also a concern.

These considerations are not insignificant, making the choice of natural gas a necessity, or even a directive, for many firms. Natural gas is also less expensive than diesel, although it generally takes much longer to recapture the cost differential for a standby natural gas generator (as compared to diesel) than for a prime power unit.

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ModelEngineStandby KWPhaseFrequency
HGM 150-T6UPSI150Three60View Product
HGM 120-T6UPSI120Three60View Product
HGM 100-T6UPSI96Three60View Product
HGM 80-T6UPSI80Three60View Product
HGM 150-M6UPSI150Single60View Product
HGM 65-T6UPSI60Three60View Product
HGM 55-T6UPSI52Three60View Product
HGM 80-M6UPSI75Single60View Product
HGM 100-M6UPSI95Single60View Product
HGM 65-M6UPSI58Single60View Product
HGM 55-M6UPSI50Single60View Product
HGM 40-M6UPSI40Single60View Product

*U = UL Listed

Voltage Options:
Single phase: 120/240V
Three Phase - 120/208, 120/240, 277/480, 600V