Are you looking to rent diesel or natural gas generators to get your project on the road or back on track in case of power outage? If you are, your search quest has definitely landed you in the right place. At Worldwide Power Products, we have a large fleet of rental generators and other vital power equipment to help you get the job done or save you during an emergency. We are here to save you time and money in your hour of absolute need!


Generator Rental – Supplying You with the Power You Need, When You Need It

We strive to always supply our clients with the power they need whenever and wherever they want it. Our various rental offers include:

  • A wide range of equipment rentals including diesel and natural gas generators, load banks, light towers and distribution cables.

  • Generator rental and load bank rental to power up and test power systems in commercial, industrial, construction, mining and city operations.

  • Our generators range from an 8kW system all the way to 2500kW systems.

  • Emergency power supply to get projects or facilities back on their feet in case of a power outage caused by natural disasters or other malfunctions.

  • Portable rental equipment that can reach to areas where power grids are not available.

Downtime in your project can cost you a lot of time and money – which you definitely don’t want. So, why not consider our generators for hire in your contingency planning? In case of power failure, our large and high powered generators from top brands such as Caterpillar and Cummins will be there to keep your operations on track (no downtime) and save you more than you will incur in hiring them out!

Plus, our support services will be available to you 24/7 in 365 days a year. Learn more.

Generator rental fleet at Worldwide Power Products


Industrial Equipment Supplier – Tried & Tested Quality

We are the leading supplier of quality and reliable equipment to industrial, commercial and municipal entities in the whole of Houston, Texas, and its surrounding regions. Our equipment is thoroughly tested and tried before purchase to make sure that we give our clients only the best machines available. Plus, the equipment is well maintained and serviced by professional, experienced technicians to ensure it’s in top condition at all times.


Load Bank Rental – Making Testing More Economical & Accessible

Whether you are looking for load banks to use in generator load testing or automatic load sensing, we have got you covered. Part of what we offer includes:

  • Mining, industrial, construction sites and even maritime load bank rentals are all available at our premises for hire

  • A complete fleet of AC resistive and reactive load banks for hire

  • We also undertake performance maintenance testing on machines

Our load bank rentals ensure that your power testing abilities are without a hassle, readily accessible and more economical. With our wide range of equipment to choose from including products such as Simplex (400 kW), Avtron (1250kW) and Crestchic (2000kW), you can rest assured that you will get the right gear to suit your industrial or commercial needs.

For years now, clients in the Houston area and from across the nation have relied on our load bank rentals for power system testing to prevent the risks of costly power failures. This has enabled them to optimize their production capabilities during regular maintenance procedures.


Let Us Take Care of Your Rental Needs

Whether you want to rent generators, load banks or any other power equipment available at our facility, just contact us and let us take care of your needs in a timely, professional and reliable way. If you are also looking for expert advice, maintenance, service, parts replacement, or custom packages for your operation, talk to us and we will gladly help you out! Our rental solutions extend far beyond the borders of Bellaire to – we serve customers in Greater Houston and beyond.

Call us at 1-713-434-2300.


About Bellaire

Bellaire, Texas, is commonly referred to as the “City of Homes” because of its residential nature. The city was founded back in 1908 by William Baldwin, and as of the 2010 U.S. Census, its population was close to 17,000. It is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Texas with the cost of living being 204.2 – a high index compared to that of the whole nation’s average which is 100. The largest numbers of the population here are either self-employed, employees of their own corporations, or private non-profit wage and salary workers. It’s a serene community surrounded by Houston, Southside Place, and West University Place.