At Worldwide Power Products, we are the leading equipment rental agency in the Houston area. For several years we have been providing businesses and municipals with rental generators and other essential power equipment whenever and wherever they need them. We have a large fleet of reliable, well-serviced equipment to choose from; and you can rest assured that we are here to save your precious time and money.


Generator Rental – Supplying You with the Power You Need, When You Need It

As the leading generator rental company in West University Place and the whole of Houston, we do our best to provide you with power at whatever time and place you need it. So, never let your project slow down or come to a halt because of power failure while all you need to do is give us a call. Here is part of our extensive offering:

  • A wide range of rental generators to choose from including natural gas, diesel, bi-fuel, and dual fuel generators.

  • Well-serviced commercial and industrial generators ready for any contingency.

  • Portable backup generators to supply you with power no matter how far your project is from a utility grid.

  • New, used and refurbished engine parts as well as other accessories to help you get back on track quickly.

  • Emergency power supply to your station at whatever time it’s needed.

  • Affordable, reliable, on-demand rental equipment.

In any project, downtime means stress because it leads to defaulting on completion deadlines and costly fines because of delays. Luckily, with a large, quiet and high powered rental generator from a top brand such as Caterpillar or Cummins, you can avoid any downtime and interruptions caused by power outage. Consider renting out our powerful generators during your contingency planning process, and you will be grateful you did in case power failure comes about. Learn more.


Industrial Equipment Supplier – Tried & Tested Quality

At Worldwide Power Products, we aim always to deliver reliable equipment to all our clients in the commercial, industrial and municipal sectors. To this end, all the equipment we rent out is thoroughly tried and tested before purchase to guarantee that it meets the highest industry standards. We provide top-quality and fully functional products to ensure that our customers are satisfied beyond their expectations.


Load Bank Rental – Making Testing More Economical & Accessible

Load banks are essential for generator load testing or automatic load sensing. For whatever purpose you desire to use this equipment, we have it in store for you. Part of our load bank rental offering includes:

  • A wide range of load bank rentals for use in the mining industry, oil and gas, construction sites, and even in maritime operations.

  • A full fleet of AC reactive and resistive load banks ready for hire.

  • Parts and accessories for load bank equipment.

Clients in the Houston region and its surroundings use our load bank rentals to optimize their systems and caution themselves against costly power failures. With our load bank rentals, testing your generator’s load is more economical and accessible. It is as easy as giving us a call and getting the equipment delivered to your site in no time.


Let Us Take Care of Your Rental Needs

If you are interested in purchasing or renting any of our generators, load banks or other power gear under our roof, contact us today and we will help immediately. Also, if you are interested in maintenance services for your equipment, we are here for you! Our support services are available 24/7 365 days a year, and you can trust us to deliver rental equipment in as little as 4 hours upon request and availability. Our service area extends far beyond West U – we can provide rental solutions to the entire Texas area and beyond.

Call us at 1-713-434-2300


About West University Place

The West University Place is commonly referred to as the West University or West U and is nicknamed “The Neighborhood City.” It had a population of close to 15,000 as of the 2010 U.S. Census and is commonly a residence for upper-class families. It’s in the midst of Houston, Bellaire and Southside Place. The city was developed by Ben Hooper (a former governor of Tennessee) in 1914, and its name came from its proximity to Rice University (formerly Rice Institute). It is interesting that almost all street names in the area are references to colleges, poets and universities.