Industrial Engine and Generator Repair and Inspections

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Repairs and Inspections

Long-term operating evidence supports our belief that regular inspections on all generators and engines will extend the lives of power generation units. WPP offers rigorous testing for customers wishing to have their own power generation equipment inspected on demand, either in the field or our WPP location.

These inspections go beyond the fuel and lubrication systems to include air filters, starter cables, electrolyte levels and internal electrical systems. Our inspection process is in fact one of the most detailed-oriented aspects of our business.

We developed a comprehensive, 60-point Maintenance Service Report that covers all the bestpractices steps for generator inspection and maintenance service. Our qualified technicians are available to perform any and all necessary repairs to each piece of your power generation equipment.

During the inspection process we leave no detail overlooked. The WPP inspection includes:

  • Examine the equipment, including external and internal condition checks by our generator technicians.
  • Identify needed service and repairs.
  • Perform necessary repairs.
  • Guarantee that each unit is clean and presentable.

Customers wishing to rent or buy WPP power generation equipment with assurance of best-in-class inspection can visit our Inspections page.

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