At Worldwide Power Products, we offer repair, preventive maintenance and engine overhaul services for diesel and natural gas generators and engines.  We service thousands of units each year and have expertise with over 30 manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Kohler, Generac and more.  Our Service team is available 24/7 and our #1 priority is to keep your POWER ON!


Diesel & Natural Gas Engine Repairs & Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance and repairs performed in our cutting-edge workshop or in the field

  • All major engine and generator brands covered including Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, Generac and more

  • Avoid higher costs of repairing equipment after problems arise

  • Prevent diesel engine damage by overheating with regularly scheduled service and testing

The two things all of our customers have in common is the want to maximize the ROI and minimize downtime.  Our advice is always the same: don’t skimp or take shortcuts on the maintenance. 

Cummins 1250 kW Load Bank Test

Harsh weather, pests, “wet-stacking” (when un-burned fuel builds up in a generator due to the unit not reaching its designed operating temperature), or even just inactivity increase the odds of malfunction and can shorten the life expectancy of your engine.  Some of the procedures Worldwide Power Products can undertake include load bank testing (required for all life safety standby generators), oil changes, fuel management, analysis, and filtering, and generating our comprehensive Maintenance Service Report.


Repair Your Industrial Diesel Engine Any Time, Any Place

At the Worldwide Power Products facility in Northwest Houston, we keep Greater Houston’s power needs covered by offering turnkey power solutions and service for the commercial, industrial, municipal and oil & gas industries.  At our cutting-edge workshop we conduct rigorous testing, repairs, overhauls and much more. 

Of course, transporting a large generator or engine is not always a feasible course of action. That’s why Worldwide Power Products offers field service 24/7.  Our customers can contact and rely on us day or night, 365 days a year. If a repair can’t be done in the field and you need a generator ASAP, we can supply a rental generator to you within hours (subject to availability).

Repair Services for Multiple Industries

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Data Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Marine

Our Preventive Maintenance Inspection & Repair Process

A typical preventive maintenance (PM) inspection by our technicians includes a variety of visual checks and minor repairs to keep your unit performing optimally. For example, on a generator inspection, our team will check the air filter for dirt and replace it if necessary; check starting batteries and cables for corrosion and verify electrolyte levels (for open-cell lead-acid batteries); check the levels of oil and coolant and search for any leaks; and check the drive belt for appearance as well as proper tension. 

This is just a small sampling of the many maintenance functions we undertake on a typical service call, but it should illustrate how complex diesel engine repair can be and why you only want to entrust yours to dedicated pros.


Extensive Parts Inventory for Generator Sets and Engines

At WPP, we have a dedicated Parts department and a large inventory selection.  This allows us to provide our customers with quick support.  Whether its a hard-to-find or specialized part, our experienced team is ready to serve you.  We have thousands of parts in stock in our warehouse in Houston including:

  • cylinder blocks
  • crankshafts
  • gears
  • flywheels
  • oil pans
  • camshafts
  • air cleaners
  • cylinder heads
  • turbochargers
  • housings
  • filters
  • radiators

…and much more! All parts we sell have been rigorously inspected and are ready for immediate install.


Repairs Carried Out by Trained & Certified Technicians

Even the best engine is only as reliable as the people working on it. At Worldwide Power Products, we staff some of the most experienced men and women in the industry who collectively boast thousands of hours of training and real-world work. They’re also folks who create new ways to solve problems, perform their work cleanly and safely, and go above and beyond to please our customers. 

See what some of our happy customers have to say about the Worldwide Power Products repairs team on our testimonials page.


Preventive Maintenance – Have Your Generators Inspected Before a Problem Arises

Depending on your needs, you can schedule to have WPP technicians inspect and maintain your diesel generator on a monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual basis to help you avoid downtime and costly repairs down the road. In addition to the routine checks on components such as the battery, transfer switch, radiator, control panel, hoses, drive belt, and crankcase breather, there are two in-depth services we recommend:

  • Load bank testing: Your generator is exercised to maximum capacity in order to verify all components are working and the generator is capable of delivering the required power when needed. This is a more thorough test than a regularly programmed exercise that may run a smaller load.  NFPA recommends (and in many cases requires) a load test be done at least once per year.
  • Fuel management, analysis and filtering: Diesel fuel polishing ensures your fuel is being adequately circulated so that sludge and condensation don’t build up and harm the engine.