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Project Details


Installed power
515 kW

Fuel type

Generator model

Houston, TX


A Municipal Utility District in Houston recognized that three of their site locations were beginning to face challenges with older and deteriorating electrical equipment, as well as the need for backup power, and their desire to continue to comply with a neighborhood noise ordinance.


Install and provide a turnkey solution of (3) new generators meeting all customer needs.


Installed (3) generators with custom sound attenuated enclosures, ATS’s, Auxiliary Electrical Equipment, electrical installation, permitting, general contracting, construction, start-up, and commissioning.


Successfully provided backup power, updated electrical equipment, and custom sound attenuated enclosures meeting sound requirements of 58 dBA to the fence line.


This MUD customer is one of more than 1,200 special districts in Texas created to provide utility services to nearby residents. The MUD’s (3) three different utility sites were becoming challenged with outdated and unreliable electrical equipment.  The district needed reliable backup power solutions at each site that met the city emissions standards as well as the neighborhood noise ordinance.

WPP’s Response

The MUD was faced with two obstacles at hand. First, across (3) three different utility sites, the MUD ran off a standard utility power with no immediate backup power solution.  Power outages are common in Houston, especially during the hurricane season. The second obstacle relates to project management and execution. MUD’s do not employ internal staff as it pertains to engineering, operations and project management.  Instead, they utilize qualified outsourced engineers and operations personnel. These multi-site larger scope projects can create complex communications obstacles if too many different contractors are involved.

WPP was able to meet and provide solutions to both obstacles at hand, acting as a “1 stop shop” general contractor on this project.

The project proceeded as follows:

  1. This MUD used their 3rd party engineering firm to design the project, WPP then provided all services working closely with the MUD and engineering firm to provide full turnkey support.
  2. WPP started with site construction and prep work. This began through pouring the new concrete pads and trenching the sites for the electrical wiring.
  3. WPP then added the conduit and filled the trenches.
  4. The process continued by installing the auxiliary electrical equipment (including ATS and disconnects), pulling wires through the conduit, installing the (3) new generator sets, and then performing the startup and commissioning of the generator sets.
  5. Where necessary WPP subcontracted with and managed known qualified experts to perform specialized work.
  6. After a final inspection of the installation, the engineering firm determined the designed project met specifications. WPP provided training on the new equipment at each site.

Multiple MUD project - generator being hoisted by crane

Reliable Backup Power Solutions

Multiple MUD project - generator with custom enclosure

WPP was able to manage and work efficiently with all parties involved on the job to provide updated electrical equipment and properly sized backup power. Most generator packagers and manufacturers do not provide sound attenuated enclosures that meet the maximum sound (dBA) level allowed in many neighborhoods.  WPP was able to help design and build custom sound attenuated enclosures that met strict neighborhood noise ordinances.

Finally, WPP provided a complete financial guarantee to the MUD in the form of a contractor’s performance bond for all equipment and workmanship including a one-year maintenance plan.

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