Power Generation Resources

Worldwide Power Products believes that an informed customer is a satisfied customer. We are always happy to explain the technical aspects of generators and engines or help customers educate themselves about related concerns such as maintenance, service, fuel cleaning and more. In this section, we’ve provided some “ready reference” information we think you will find helpful.

Caterpillar Serial Number Prefix

Match Caterpillar manufacturer serial number prefixes to engines we carry. You can also launch a search, directly from the list.

Diesel Fuel Consumption Chart

Do you need to calculate approximate fuel consumption for a particular generator, based upon size and load? Use the handy chart we’ve provided – or download it as a PDF.

Electrical Formulas

Look no further than this page for a list of common electrical formulas and a link to others you might need.


Customers rely on us to answer a variety of questions about generators and engines. In this section, you can read the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Financing Options

WPP provides a wide range of financing options for both generators and engines, including lease-purchases. Don’t let concerns about financing stop you from purchasing the equipment you need!

Hurricane Center

WPP knows firsthand the devastating effects of hurricanes. The information on this page will help you be prepared for when a hurricane hits.

Manufacturer Profiles

To help our customers make an informed choice between the top manufacturers before they purchase or rent generators or engines, we’ve compiled this handy list of manufacturer profiles.

Power Calculator

Our power calculators help you determine the size of generator you need for your specific application. Here, you will also find calculators for unit conversions and other power-related calculations.  
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