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Marine Transportation

Worldwide Power Products has specific expertise in marine engines for primary propulsion and complete propulsion systems. Our experienced sales staff can recommend the ideal new or used engine based on your particular needs in the marine industry. We also have marine generators for sale in a variety of configurations, including the main power supply and emergency generators.

A generator or engine that is certified for marine use has unique specifications that allow it to tolerate a wet environment. The outside of a marine engine must be made of stainless steel instead of non-stainless steel or aluminum, which will corrode in salt water. A marine engine is water-cooled instead of air-cooled to take advantage of the availability of water. The air intake must have a flame arrestor rather than a simple air cleaner to reduce the risk of fire.

The best marine diesel engine depends on its application, and may generally be divided into commercial and recreational uses. Medium-speed and high-speed diesel engines are common in pleasure craft such as cruising vessels and ferries. Low-speed engines are more often used for commercial purposes such as cargo, dredging, fishing, salvage and tugging.

WPP carries engines from a range of leading manufacturers, with power ratings between 150hp and 4000hp. Caterpillar engines have an established reputation for reliability, and its latest engines have electronic control modules. ECMs continually adjust the engines operating parameters such as acceleration, fuel delivery and fuel efficiency. This ensures the engine has optimum performance and maximum fuel efficiency. All marine Caterpillar engines are specifically designed for the harsh conditions of a marine environment.


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