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Toll Plazas

Nowadays, vehicle traffic at toll plazas has increased tremendously. It is more important than ever to help people and goods reach their destinations. The plaza and its offices are open 24/7 and the demand for electricity is considerable. A significant amount of power is required for facility lighting and business operations.

During natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, etc. there is a possibility of power outages for hours at a stretch and these backup generators provide power to the toll plazas in this situation. The entire facility can be kept going during the outage. You also have the option to buy or rent silent onsite power systems. You can hardly say that the generators are running.

Nearly in all the states, it is essential that a toll plaza should be provided with a backup generator. For example, here, according to NJ TA Design Manual, all toll plazas shall be provided with backup generator. The backup generator shall be adequately sized to handle all loads of the toll plaza building and toll booth operations, including all roadway lighting and ITS devices fed from the utility building. Where possible, three-phase redundant “hot-backup” systems shall be installed to ensure maintenance is possible without any power outages to connected equipment.


Worldwide Power Products is happy to help the toll plazas with their power requirements. Give us a call and we will find you the best option for your power need. If you wish, we’ll deliver, install and maintain your generator for you to ensure it satisfies your needs.


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