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Public and Private Events

Every event has a lot going on behind the scenes that the audience or guests never sees and cannot fully appreciate. It doesn’t matter if your event is public or private, outdoor or indoor, small or big, you need reliable power to make it a great success. For entertainment facilities, cancellation of money-spinning events even for brief periods of time amounts to huge losses of revenue. For example, an extended power outage in a casino can translate into losses of more than US$ 1mn per day.

Many venues host a large number of events each year, so it makes much more sense to have a generator:

  • Sporting Events
  • Festivals & Concerts
  • Business Events
  • Marquees: Weddings, Fairs & Hospitality
  • Leisure Events

Some venues host a relatively small number of events each year, so it makes much more sense to hire a generator than to buy. WPP can provide temporary generator power on any scale, from private wedding receptions to outdoor program for corporate hospitality.


Businesses could lose money once the event is cancelled due to a power outage. In situations like these, people demand their money back for not continuing with the event or some sort of refund. There have been many times where the business offered the customers a free entry to the next event that is meant to make profit themselves, but having the customers come back and entering into the event for free causes the business to lose money. All of this because of a power outage, which could be prevented with a backup power source.

Some cities have mandatory local codes for standby power for various types of commercial and public buildings to ensure life safety in the event of a significant utility outage. Sufficient backup power is necessary depending upon the nature and size of the building to operate:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Elevators
  • Fire Fighting Pumps

From major sport events to wedding receptions, WPower Products have extensive experience in delivering and installing power for special events. We offer super-silent generators too as they run quietly, so they won’t get in the way of your event. Contact us today.

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