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Printing Industry

Power is always a big concern when it comes to any business. Be it commercial or industrial, it is of prime importance to invest in standby power to protect your business from utility outages or curtailments during times of peak demand. The best example of this is printing industry where the process cannot be interrupted and need to keep operating.

Here are few examples of time sensitive printing projects:

  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogs
  • Directories
  • Magazines
  • others

Printing firms are usually equipped with office, pre-press, manufacturing, shipping, and receiving functions and all these are located under one roof. Time sensitive printing projects like weekly newspaper or magazine are of utmost importance. To ensure that the pre-press, printing, collating, binding, and shipping operations continue without interruption, most printing firms invest in standby generator sets. Newspapers have a set schedule to ensure that they deliver the newspaper at a certain time to have it ready to be delivered.

There are many times when magazines and newspapers wants to be the first one to get the breaking news out before the rest of the competitive companies. Having a power outage will slow them down and push them back behind other competitors. Without the interruption, they could still be in the game against others to be the first to release the latest news. It could also slow them down in the social media as well with the power outage. Having to type up the article on the computer and post it right away on the internet is also a competition to be the first ones with the latest news.


Worldwide Power Products is happy to help the printing industry with their power requirements. Give us a call and we will find you the best option for your power need. If you wish, we’ll deliver, install and maintain your generator for you to ensure it satisfies your needs.

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