Fracking Engines

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Fracking Engines

With fracking coming under increased fire by environmental groups and communities, midstream sector operators are looking for ways to improve their environmental record. One solution is to equip your power plant with a bi-fuel powered engine.

Worldwide Power Products (WPP) recommends and installs only the Hythane Company bi-fuel add-on OptiBlend™ which enables traditional diesel engines to burn a mixture of natural gas and diesel. OptiBlend is specifically designed to handle the load swings and changing conditions of any environment, including the rigorous demands of drilling rig platforms.

OptiBlend equipped engines can burn up to 70% natural gas through the air intake, reducing diesel fuel usage and emissions dramatically while substantially lowering fuel costs. Our Hythane-certified installers can equip our existing inventory of diesel engines and generator sets OptiBlend units (for sale or rental) and we can also retrofit existing diesel generators with this device.

If you need petroleum industry equipment and you don’t see it listed here, give us a call. If we can’t procure it and deliver it on your schedule, we will do our utmost to find you a reputable partner who can.

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