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Marine Industry

You cannot afford to compromise when you are in the water. Having a reliable marine engine power source on your vessel is a vital necessity. No matter what kind of vessel you think about – whether it’s a luxury yacht, cruise ship, a fishing boat, pleasure craft, today’s water vessels are have any array of equipment which need power – watermakers, refrigerators, hydraulic systems, navigation and more.

The marine industry is largely dependent on engines and generators. Engines provide propulsion power no matter what the size and configuration of the vessel is – whether it is a 6 person boat or a large cruise ship. Marine engines and generators provide power to all of the systems on a vessel. When a vessel is built, one of the first steps taken is to install a marine engine or generator so as to provide all of the power to the ship. Larger vessels can contain several engines and generators (main and standby) to ensure smooth operation. Marine engines/generators are built to operate on the water and are different from the other generators.


These generators offer backup power to large ships when they cannot get shore power, when the main power goes out, or in other situations where power is needed. From the smallest fishing vessel to the largest cruise ship or transportation ship, generators are a necessary part of ship operations. It’s important to choose a name you trust when looking for a marine generator or engine to support your offshore needs.

Interested in purchasing or renting marine generator or engine? WPower Products has your marine power needs covered. Worldwide Power Products offer highest caliber marine generator sets and marine engines and can help you choose the right unit for your needs and obtain financing. Contact us for any questions or more information.

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