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Large Amusement Centers

The safety of guests and employees is the number one priority for any amusement centers. Large amusement centers have to follow safety and maintenance requirements. According to the IAAPA – The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Backup generators are a key emergency asset a fact Go-Karts Plus unfortunately discovered during hurricane Irene. “We don’t have any backup generators, but we should definitely have one for our food,” says President Robert Miller. “We lost $700 just in ice cream when the power was out after Irene.” Most thrill rides and shows are very high tech, and are controlled by computers. Loss of power can be very risky for the audience, and the parks can be liable for millions of dollars in liability damage.

Power outages is a liability towards the foods and the rides at the amusement park. If the power suddenly goes off while people are on a ride to the point that they are hanging upside down, that could cause a lawsuit from the people for endangering lives. The amusement will lose money from that, do not hesitate to buy a backup power source. It will help the park in every aspect.


Onsite power generators ensure that these amusement centers can continue with their facilities and there are no accidents or other problems, when normal power may get interrupted. Power can be lost due to several reasons – natural disasters like a storm, earthquake or man-made like faulty equipment, etc. Onsite power generators ensure that whatever the cause – the facilities keep working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Worldwide Power Products is happy to help amusement parks with their power requirements. Give us a call and we will find you the best option for your power need. If you wish, we’ll deliver, install and maintain your generator for you to ensure it satisfies your needs.

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