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Food Industry

Food industry is dependent on electricity, for storage, production,processing and distribution. Many food raw materials and perishable foods need to be stored and processed in controlled temperature environments.

Food production facilities need a uninterrupted power supply to

a) Store the raw materials in appropriate temperatures and prevent spoilage of food
b) Ensure the production line is running efficiently. Any voltage dips,fluctuations or power outages will impair the production process resulting in financial losses.

Food warehouses and distribution companies need to comply with regulation to ensure food safety in the event of power outage.Companies in the commercial food supply chain use backup power to ensure smooth processes, prevent spoilage of food and comply with regulatory standards. Backup power ensures all processes continue to function with minimal interruption and ensure food safety. Food industries could lose a lot of money if the food that is stored becomes a spoilage due to loss of power.


It is important to keep in mind that having a backup generator is like having insurance for your company/business. Depending on the location of your business, natural disasters can happen a lot more often than other places. Many business owners simply cannot afford to ride out another power outage so instead, they are installing home standby generators in record numbers to protect their families and investments from going bankrupt or destroying their merchandise. It’s also important to know that your power generator will still work even your business is closed. So if there is a storm overnight, rest assured that your food is safe and fresh.

Worldwide Power Products has been helping companies in the food industry. Whether you are a food retailer, manufacturer, distributor or warehouse we can help you design solutions and supply you the back power generators, which meet your need. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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