Construction Sites

Construction Sites

The U.S. construction industry is a big part of the US economy. This industry employs nearly six million people and contributes billions annually to the economy.

Portable power generators are an essential part of the construction industry. Construction contractors often find themselves at job sites where the lack of electrical service or regular power outages occur. That is why, they require portable units. Portable generators allow contractors to continue working without disruption and meet deadlines.

On a construction site, the needs for power are endless. The trailer alone needs a lot of power for the air conditioning, phones, fax machines, etc. The architects and designers working here need to be in constant contact with the outside world. Onsite generators can power construction site lights. For mission critical 24 hour projects, multiple power generators may be required. WPP will deliver, install and distribute all the power you need around your construction site as we also have ancillary electrical equipment such as cables, transformers, transfer switches and other parts and accessories in our inventory.

Worldwide Power Products has helped several clients in this industry nationwide. Buy or rent generators from us to harness power from generators which is required to work in remote locations for long periods of time. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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