GFS EVO-SP Dual Fuel System

Why you should consider a GFS EVO-SP Dual Fuel System for your diesel engine.

  • Substantially Reduce Fuel Cost – Utilizing abundant Natural Gas as an alternative fuel in your diesel engine can save 40% to 50% in operating costs
  • Extend run times by 70% – When disaster strikes, you need options. Utilizing alternative fuels such a NG or LNG can mean all the difference to your operations remaining functional or not.
  • Cleaner Burning and More Sustainable Natural Gas – At full substitution rates lower emissions can be realized with cleaner burning NG.
  • Patent Pending Technology – A leader in air / gas pre mix injection systems, GFS EVO-SB offers industry firsts with its patent pending mixer, dynamic controls, and safety features.
  • Maintains OEM Performance.

The GFS EVO-SP works by introducing a mix of air and natural gas in front of the engines forced air induction system. Achieving a thorough and efficient mix is critical to maximizing an even and complete combustion. This is accomplished with a patent pending CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) mixer design.


The use of a Mass Air Flow sensor, integrated directly into the mixer, is the leading input to the ECU. This allows faster fuel mix adjustments over a broad range of load conditions, maximizing diesel substitution rates. This is an especially important feature in the drilling industry where varying engine loads due to pipe tripping can be a challenge to achieving effective diesel substitution rates.

The heart of the GFS EVO-SP Dual Fuel System combines a multifunctional ECU with an easy to use graphical interface. The ECU is a 32 Bit microcontroller with j-1939 and Modbus compatibility. The ECU can monitor more than 25 sensor inputs at 50 cycles per second. It employs fully programmable fuel mapping with dynamic throttle body control.

The control panel has a graphical interface with 8 display modes for both monitoring and easy commissioning.

DSPTM – Dynamic Set-point Protection is an industry first that protects the engine across the entire load range, not just at a single set point (usually high load) as our competitors do.

Unlike our competition, GFS systems include as standard equipment Gas and Flame detection. These detectors are fully integrated into the GFS control system and will enact fail safe procedures to insure the immediate shut down of the system in the event of a gas leak or fire.

Integrated Knock Detection – GFS Integrated Knock Detection will allow optimum fuel substitution rates without jeopardizing the mechanical integrity of the engine.
Other safety features include integrated sensors for High Exhaust Gas Temp, High Manifold Air Temp, High Manifold Air Pressure, Multipoint Vibration, and a Gas Throttle Position Feedback Loop

The GFS EVO-SP Dual Fuel system packs unprecedented performance in a system that is 1/3 of the cost of OEM systems from some engine manufacturers. Something to consider when ordering new power packages or retro-fitting current inventory.

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