Let us winterize your generator for cold weather

Diesel and natural gas generators are predictably challenging to maintain and operate in cold weather. Fuel supplies become unstable in icy temperatures. Moreover the engine block and heads can freeze up, absorbing the heat of the compression required to ignite fuel.

However, a winterized generator package (otherwise known as a winter pack or cold pack) is an excellent solution to ensure that your generator starts properly without the warm up time wait. Since cold weather generators can run at temperatures that range from 32F to -50F (or 0C to -46C), it’s safe to say that a cold weather generator can service during any blizzard that mother nature puts in its way. In addition to this, a cold weather generator can also reduce generator failure by at least fifty percent or more than unprotected generators.

We can also provide winterized solutions to utilize shale gas straight from the well with our cold weather natural gas generators.

Winterized generator packages include:

  • Battery warmers
  • Block heaters
  • Hydronic coolant heaters
  • Control panel box heaters
  • Louvres (dampers, shutters)
  • Snow hoods


From Alaska to Siberia, we have the experience to provide you with cold weather generators when you need to Power On!




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