Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas

  • Offshore Drilling (ABS, IMO, DNV)
  • Land Drilling
  • Gas Compression
  • Well Servicing
  • Hydraulic Fracturing

Our Niche

  • Rig / Vessel Upgrades
  • Generator End Replacements
  • CAT & Waukesha Rebuilds and Major Components
  • Conversions & Custom Solutions
  • Emergency Engine Down Scenarios
  • Purchasing used or excess equipment


Case Study

ObstacleThe Bakken Shale has become one of the largest oil producing areas in the United States. Bakken has a large amount of associated gas produced along with oil. Because the oil wells are scattered over a large geographical area that lacks gas-gathering infrastructure, a large amount of gas is flared. Bakken Shale needed units that is able to contain the gas that is emitted into the environment.

SolutionTexas-based companies Torrent Energy Services and Worldwide Power products, have teamed up to provide a portable system that can eliminate most of the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions associated with the flaring of stranded gas, while generating incremental revenue from the recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL).

ResultThe systems provide NGL recovery, flare and VOC emission reduction, gas conditioning and natural gas generators sets that can operate on the variable heating value levels present in the associated gas stream.

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