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Electric Power Generation

    Electric Power Generation

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Case Study

Japan suffered a devastating tsunami and earthquake in 2011, causing Fukushim Daiichi nuclear power plant to go down. Located in the Pacific Ocean coast, the buildings for the external and backup power supply were completely destroyed. Not being able to receive power from Fukushim Daiichi, Japan desperately needed temporary power to help rebuild the lives of its people ravaged by the tsunami.

Worldwide Power Products responded quickly to their need for power. With the short notice, having over 100 engines and generator sets, they were able to supply Japan with the units they needed. WPowerProducts wanted to help Japan and will do anything that needed to be done to provide temporary backup power to that strained region.

Worldwide Power Products is one of the many United States companies to help Japan recover from the devastating natural disaster. Power supply provided and sent to Japan helped the affected cities to repair and rebuild.

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