Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Water and Sewer departments are responsible for collecting sewage and wastewater from its customers and conveying it to wastewater treatment plant. Residents can suffer unsanitary water conditions if water and sewer gets knocked out. This is something which County Utility department’s plan for – and most Water and Sewer Departments have standby generators the keeps the pumps operating and wastewater flowing.

Worldwide Power Products (WPP) recently provided 14 natural gas generators for an emergency, standby power
Backup generators for water and sewer providers in Galveston County.
project for water and sanitary sewer providers in Galveston County Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) in Texas.

The project was started to lessen the possibility that MUD residents would suffer through unsanitary water conditions such as the ones they had when water and sewer was knocked out during Hurricane Ike in 2008. Stonewall Constructors LLC contracted WPP to purchase and install the generators for $781,818.25. The project will supply two generators in Bayview, three in Baycliff, six in San Leon, and three in Freddiesville. The generators are being custom manufactured to the specifications of Galveston County engineers. Fabrication is expected to take 12 weeks, and WPP will provide loaner generators should a MUD lose power in a storm during generator fabrication.

Worldwide Power Products would be happy to help. Give us a call and we will find you the best option for your power need. If you wish, we’ll deliver, install and maintain your generator for you to ensure it satisfies your needs.

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