Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas


In the oil and exploration industry, every minute of so every minute of downtime cost money. Modern drilling techniques used in oil/gas exploration require reliable and fuel-efficient on-site generator sets to power all activities like -drilling, drawworks, mud pumping and camp loads. Uninterrupted power supply is the lifeblood of such projects, which are executed in remote locations and tough environments. Sometimes parallel multiple generator sets are required to provide power for all drilling and pumping operations. These on-site generators need to be well-suited to operate in extreme conditions, including cold weather, damp conditions, high elevations, dangerous areas, etc

How an oil rig works is through a power system. The power system consists of diesel engine, electrical generators, mechanical system, turntable or rotary table, etc. After the rig is removed there is an electric motor that drives a gear box and moves a lever inside the pump system, in order to extract the oil. Without all these movements and functions, the oil rigs would not work. These functions are able to work because of a power generator helping it. In the drilling industry, their equipment is dependent on a power generator.

The mining industry is very highly dependent on onsite power generators. Uninterrupted power supply is important for the health and safety of people who are involved in these huge projects. Harmful gases like CO2, CO, methane, etc is found beneath the surface of the earth. When miners and engineers are working below the surface of earth – air quality monitoring equipment powered by onsite power generators plays a critical role in the health and safety of these people.

Clearly – both machines and human life depends on these onsite power generators at mining locations. Worldwide Power Products has helped several clients – directly and indirectly associated with mining projects nationwide. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help your firm.

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