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load bank 600kwWorldwide Power Products’ affordable load-bank rental program helps make load-bank testing more economical and accessible for companies throughout the USA. With our load-bank rentals, your company’s in-house engineers can perform generator load-bank tests, eliminating the need to hire a third-party to provide load-bank equipment, thereby saving time and curtailing expenditures.

WPP’s top quality, name-brand load-bank devices are the perfect solution for companies that need to run their generators under full load, in a controlled, verifiable environment, for:

load bank rental

  • Initial performance testing of new generators.
  • Periodic quality checks of existing generators.
  • Commissioning and maintenance of data centers and other high-reliability facilities.

WPP also offers in-house expertise to help companies select the most appropriate load-bank device for each requirement. We can perform load-bank tests, as well, should you require third-party confirmation of your in-house tests or have an unanticipated need for assistance.

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