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Caterpillar C15 Cylinder Block – P/N 267-4631

  • WPP Item #: 7499
$4,200 Condition: Rebuilt Quantity: 1

Additional Information

  • Length (in): 49
  • Width (in): 18
  • Height (in): 31
  • Part #: 2674631
  • Part Type: Cylinder block
  • Casting #: 2221974
  • Model(s): C15


Additional C15 block part numbers: 229-8568

Earthmoving Compactor
826C 825G II 826G 836H 825H 826G II 826H 825C

Engineer Support Tractor

MTC855 MTC845 MT855 MTC865 MT835 MT865 MT845 MTC835

Wheel-Type Loader
980H 988H 980G

Engine - Generator Set
C18 C15

Engine - Truck
C-15 C15 C18 C-18

Petroleum Products
C18 CX35-P800 C15 TH35-E81 C-15 CX31-C15I CX31-P600 TH35-C15I TH35-C15T

Off-Highway Truck
772 770

Engine - Industrial
C18 C-15 C15

Articulated Dump Truck
740B 735 OEM 735B 740 735

Road Reclaimer

Cold Planer
PM-201 PM-200

Motor Grader

Wheel Dozer
824H 834H 824G II 824G 824C

Underground Articulated Truck
AD45B AD30 AD55

365C 385C L MH 374D L 385C 385C FS 385C L 390D 365C L 390D L 365C L MH 374F L

583T 587T

Marine Products
C18 3406E C15

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
657E 631E 631G 637D 657G 621G 623G 633D 621F 623B 633E II 623E 631D 627G 627E 621E 623F 651B 627F 637E 657B 637G 621B

Track-Type Tractor

Expanded Mining Products

Load, Haul, Dump

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  • WPP Item #: 7499
$4,200 Condition: Rebuilt Quantity: 1

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