Worldwide Power Products Ramps Up Rental Program to Meet Customer Demand for Prompt, Available Power

Houston, TX, (June 14, 2012)–Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider for industrial clients worldwide, today announced it has completed the expansion of its generator rental division. The firm now features a fully searchable database of available, single- and three-phase units ranging from 30kW to 2000kW.

Unlike many rental companies that keep an inventory of generators specifically for rental, WPP rents and sells new and surplus generators. It will rent any unit in its inventory – by the day, week or month – and can later transition the unit from rental to purchase if that becomes a more financially feasible option for the customer.

“Many of our customers cannot afford to purchase a generator at the given moment they need it, or their job isn’t going to last long enough to put equipment into inventory,” says WPP Rental Manager Jeanette Stratmann. “With our program, they can rent the equipment just for the time they need – whether that be 8 hour or 24-hour shifts.”

WPP also offers a reduced-cost standby option where customers either place a generator on their site–or hold one in inventory and guarantee quick delivery–in case the situation should arise where they need a generator quickly.

“Emergency Standby rentals give our customers peace of mind that they’ll be able to quickly secure emergency power in the event of natural or man-made disasters,” continues Stratmann. “This is especially popular with our customers along the coast during hurricane season.”

Stratmann says WPP customers cite numerous reasons for renting generators, including:

  • Purchase limits: If large firms exceed the number of units they can purchase in a given year, rental is an excellent temporary measure;
  • Plant and rig turnarounds and refits: when power-generation equipment is taken down for maintenance or repair, a rental generator fills the gap;
  • Interim power supply: filling a gap until a new, permanent equipment arrives;
  • Portable on-demand power: providing power to remote job sites or housing facilities in remote the areas

WPP maintains close relationships with other vendors and manufacturers such as Caterpillar, enabling it to provide generators on a very tight turnaround. “If we have equipment in the region, we can deliver a rental generator in as little as an hour,” says Stratmann.

About Worldwide Power Products

Worldwide Power Products specializes in power generation equipment including new and used engines and generator sets. As an independent company based in Houston, Texas, the company buys and sells new and used generator sets and engines worldwide. In addition, the firm provides rental services for job sites in Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Generator sets range in size from 20kW – 2500kW and engines range in size from 150hp – 4000hp. Brand specialties include Caterpillar generator sets and engines and Cummins generator sets. For more information and a complete list of inventory, visit:

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