Worldwide Power Products Debuts New Fuel Tank Polishing/Cleaning Service

Houston, TX, (January 30, 2014)—Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider to industrial and petroleum clients worldwide, today announced it is adding fuel polishing to its list of generator and engine services. Fuel polishing is a process by which diesel fuel storage tanks can be cleaned to reduce the incidence of impurities in the fuel.

“One of the major causes of engine failure in diesel generators is bad fuel,” said Patrick K. Makinney, Project Manager-Sales/Service Manager for Worldwide Power Products. “With our new cleaning system and chemical treatments, we can help our customers extend the life of their fuel and, based on industry averages, more than double the life of their engines.”

The operations that Worldwide Power Products technicians perform in the field result in a number of benefits for generator owners, including:

  • Recondition, stabilize and decontaminate diesel fuel to remove water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in diesel fuel tanks.
  • Clean fuel tanks while restoring diesel fuel to a pristine condition.
  • Provide optimal fuel quality for peak engine performance and reliability.

Worldwide Power Products’ service is a multi-step process designed for optimal cleaning of both the tank and the fuel. First, technicians use a heavy-duty pre-screening process that removes large bits of sludge, rust scale and other contaminants from the tank. Then, they use an advanced fuel-tank cleaning system that combines high-capacity filtration, fuel conditioning and water separation to complete the process.

Finally, technicians add a fuel treatment and catalyst to the tank, which removes engine deposits and prevents their future formation, reduces fuel consumption (up to 10%), reduces emissions and lowers exhaust temperatures, which also reduces NOx production. The end result is longer life for the generator engine, fuel and fuel storage tanks, and even the oil that lubricates the engine.

“Many operators don’t realize that dirty, deposit-filled fuel is often the catalyst for generator malfunctions and shut-downs,” said Makinney. “Our system is mobile, so we can come to any site to perform the operation, and it takes less than a day to complete. The savings from reduced engine wear alone pay for the service many times over.”

About Worldwide Power Products

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