Worldwide Power Products Announces 82-Point Maintenance Service Designed to Extend Generator Life; Reduce Incidence of Costly Repairs

Houston, TX, (November 16, 2012)—Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider to industrial clients worldwide, today announced its on-site generator maintenance and testing service. WPP offers this service not only to purchasers of its new surplus and used generators, but also to any generator owner that wants to maximize the value of its investment and increase reliability. The program joins WPP’s other on-demand offerings, such as its standby generator program, which are designed to help business owners manage expenses while ensuring power is available when they need it.

“As a firm that maintains its own rental generators in peak operating condition—as well as maintains and tests new surplus and used generators for sale, WPP has developed one of the most extensive maintenance programs in the industry, today,” said WPP VP of Sales & Engineering David Vennie. “Our 82-point checklist covers not only the more commonly performed maintenance checks, such as starting the generator and checking the fuel and oil levels, but also tests such as battery hydrometer tests, oil, coolant, and fuel analysis, and more. Our maintenance programs include other services such as load testing and fuel filtering to proactively optimize your assets reliability and minimize downtime.”

According to WPP VP of Rental and Service Scott Spidle, appropriately scheduled, comprehensive generator maintenance not only prolongs generator life and reduces failure rates, but it also helps firms uncover premature aging of parts that might not otherwise be evident until the generator is in use. “For companies that rely on generators for standby emergency power, regular maintenance is especially important but much less common than for firms whose generators are in prime use,” said Spidle. “The worst time to discover equipment failure is when you’re relying on the generator as your sole source of power.”

Maintenance service contracts also help ensure the emissions of older diesel engines are as clean as possible. “For firms that want to comply with the new, more stringent EPA regulations for generator emissions but cannot yet afford to purchase a low-emission unit, regular maintenance is the best way to reduce environmental impact,” said Spidle.

In recommending maintenance for WPP customers, Vennie cites a 1996 study, commissioned by an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Task Force, which found that maintenance centered on reliability results in significant savings in most cases. “Some companies may consider our maintenance programs to be overkill,” says Vennie. “But, when you’re staking your reputation on the reliability of a generator, you learn how valuable properly structured and executed maintenance programs can be.”

About Worldwide Power Products

Recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies, Worldwide Power Products specializes in power generation equipment including new and used engines and generator sets. As an independent company based in Houston, Texas, the company buys and sells new and used generator sets and engines worldwide. In addition, the firm provides engineering, maintenance and repair plus rental services for job sites in Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Generator sets range in size from 20kW – 2500kW and engines range in size from 150hp – 4000hp. Brand specialties include Caterpillar generator sets and engines and Cummins generator sets. For more information and a complete list of inventory, visit: