As Phase-in of Tier 4 Emissions Standard Kicks into High Gear, Worldwide Power Products Urges Generator Users to Plan Ahead

Houston, TX, (November 27, 2012)—Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider to industrial clients worldwide, today predicted that demand for used and surplus new generators will soon skyrocket as a result of stipulations in the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions standard. The standard is part of a federally mandated effort to reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and other air contaminants from new, non-road diesel engines.

At the present time, most existing generator sets are permanently grandfathered at the federal level. Companies who purchase a used or new surplus engine won’t be required to retrofit the unit later to meet the EPA’s final Tier 4 emission standards for certified stationary CI ICE (compression Ignition, internal Combustion Engine) units. Firms that are experiencing “sticker shock” over the prices of new Tier 4 generators are increasingly seeking alternatives. WPP has already seen an uptick in demand for its used and surplus new generators as a result.

“Companies that rely on generators for continuous use will at some point need to upgrade to Tier 4-capable units, meaning they meet the stringent, final standard for which certification will begin in 2015,” said WPP VP of Sales and Engineering David Vennie. “However, they can delay that inevitability by purchasing a used or new surplus unit. We believe the demand for reliable, used and new surplus engines may spike considerably as a result, making reliable, low-hour units increasingly difficult to find.”

WWP, which continues to expand its inventory of used and new surplus generators, offers complimentary consultations to help firms determine which generator purchase will keep them in compliance with EPA regulations at the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). To ensure reliability and inspire confidence, all of WPP’s new surplus or used units have passed a 42-point inspection, include load bank tests. WPP also offers maintenance and inspection packages—and in some cases warranties—with its entire inventory of generators.

“The new emission standards are complex and unclear for many companies,” said Vennie. “We are happy to help our customers navigate this confusing process.” Vennie also recommended that generator purchasers evaluate local and state codes, which can add more layers of environmental scrutiny and may not support the grandfathering policy sanctioned at the federal level.

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