WPP Stock is Expanding, Just in Time for Hurricane Season

As we continually seek ways to serve our customers better, Worldwide Power Products is proud to announce that we’ve increased our generator inventory dramatically:

Sales Inventory Increase

  • $10+ million of stock inventory, both new and used
  • 250+ generators in stock and in production, sizes 14 kW – 2000 kW
  • Custom power modules are currently in production, sizes 500 kW – 2000 kW
  • …And new stock is continually arriving!

Rental Fleet Expansion

  • Added another $3+ million in inventory in Q2
  • Sizes run up to 2MW (2000 kW)
  • New additions include several EPA Tier 4 Final generator sets

Why It Matters

Like many industries, the generator supply chain has been roiled by the after-effects of the global pandemic. Shortages of raw materials such as aluminum, copper, and computer chips have caused huge delays in production. At the same time, demand has shot up to historic levels, driven by extreme weather events such as Winter Storm Uri, record hurricane seasons in the South, and now record-breaking summer temps. 

And unfortunately, the Texas power grid doesn’t look much more reliable than it did when Uri hit in 2021. With probably two months of high temperatures left in the year, ERCOT has already begun asking Texans to cut back on their energy use, and local outages have peppered neighborhoods around Houston and other parts of the state.

Well-stocked generators in WPP's yard

How WPP is Meeting Today’s Supply Challenges

We’ve managed to overcome supply challenges in several different ways. 

First, by ordering ahead we allowed plenty of time for the new stock to arrive by the heat-and-hurricane time of year. 

That means that at this moment we have brand new equipment available for sale in our Houston stockyard, such as:

  • every node of standby natural gas generator sets from 25kW to 150kW
  • every size of standby diesel generators from 23kW to 600kW
  • portable generator sets in sizes from 20kW to 300kW
  • Automatic Transfer Switches from 200A to 600A.

What’s more, we have a managed pipeline of rolling orders coming in to ensure our stock in Houston is continuously replenished. In other words, we’re not going to run out.

In addition, we have also invested in a large amount of pre-owned stock in a range of conditions. Because we have such a large group of skilled technicians, we’re able to refurbish many different types of equipment, from minor repair work to complete overhauls. This helps us reduce the number of new generators we have to wait on from the manufacturer, while also providing a cost-effective alternative to our customers. 

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New generators at WPP's Houston facility