Worldwide Power Products Makes Strides in the Rental Market

Worldwide Power Products has quickly become one of the most trusted names in the power generation sales market, but for customers who require lower costs and less upkeep, WPP can meet that need with the quality rental products and service provided by the company’s new rental division.

The team at Worldwide Power Products (WPP) has been working hard to create a bigger and better rental department. WPP has quickly become one of the most trusted names in the power generation market. Since 2008 the company has been dealing in new and used generators, engines and other power generation equipment. The latest advance in this growing enterprise is its enhanced focus on generators for rent.”

Although WPP has been successfully renting equipment for some time, they have decided to place an even greater emphasis on that aspect of the business. Rentals will now compose one of the three main divisions of the company, along with domestic sales and international sales. David Vennie, V.P. of Sales & Engineering, will be overseeing the rental division. Regarding WPP’s motivation for creating the new section, Vennie explains, “We are a young, aggressive company and we see a large opportunity in the rental market.”

There is a demand for short term use of electrical generators and power generation equipment in several industries. Rental equipment is often used in oil fields, on construction sites and in many other commercial settings. In order to fulfill the specific needs of any given customer, WPP offers a wide array of equipment, including diesel generators ranging in size from 20 kW to 2 MW.

Rental plans also vary depending on each customer’s need. If backup power is the primary concern, monthly standby rates are available. Businesses looking to use rental equipment as a primary source of power can choose from daily, weekly or monthly rates that are contingent upon the number of hours of operation. Also, WPP is offering a brand new “contingency plan,” an innovative option that is breaking new ground in the power generation industry. This plan is designed to insure customers against long term power loss due to unforeseen circumstances. In particular, it was conceived with the intent to grant customers peace of mind during the formidable hurricane season. The contingency plan is provided at a flat rate and entails reserved access to a rental unit that can be used for standby or prime power.

While owning a power generator certainly has its benefits, WPP recognizes that lower costs and less upkeep are significant factors for many customers. Those needs will be met by the quality products and service provided by the company’s new rental division. All equipment is rigorously inspected and serviced before it is rented out, plus rental agreements include full service set-up and regular technician service. “Our main focus,” Vennie says, “is to provide companies with cost-effective access to temporary power so that their business remains uninterrupted.”

WPP is pleased to continue providing the most exceptional equipment and service available to consumers in search of power generation equipment.

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