Worldwide Power Products Helps Oil Well Operator Save Fuel Costs; Benefit the Environment by Custom-Matching a Generator to Well-Head Gas Output

For oil producers, being able to use the byproduct gas from well heads rather than flaring it (burning it uselessly) is a golden opportunity. Not only can the gas provide fuel to drive pumping operations, but gas flaring produces harmful emissions that degrade environmental quality.

In 2010, the World Bank estimated that 134 billion cubic meters of gas were being flared or vented annually. This amount is equal to 20% of the gas consumption for the U.S. (all activities) in a year. The World Bank also estimated that this useless burn-off releases 400 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

For one Oklahoma oil well operator, the need for a new generator to run the down-hole pump at a well site provided an opening to grasp that golden opportunity, and Worldwide Power Products (WPP) was the provider that helped them do it.

“We received a call about a gas generator from this potential customer, and one of our dealers had one in stock that we thought would work,” says WPP Outside Sales Representative Bob Gore. “The generator we initially suggested was turbo-aspirated, which won’t work with well-head gas. We inquired with the customer about what fuel they would be burning, and when we learned it was well-head byproduct, WPP began the search for a naturally aspirated engine, which will burn well-head gas.”

Utilizing WPP’s proprietary database of surplus engines and generators worldwide, WPP found one that could be rebuilt, essentially giving the oil well operator the benefits of a new generator. While the operator waited for the rebuilt unit to arrive, WPP gave him the use of a comparable rental unit. The client was so pleased with WPP for willingly tailoring a fit for his needs that he ordered a second generator for another oil well.

All Gas Is Not Alike

For this order, as with all its orders, WPP offered to custom-match the generator to the job. In the case of an oil well with byproduct gas to use, WPP not only sizes the generator based on the horsepower of the pump the customer is using, but also performs a fuel analysis of the gas that will power the generator.

Well-head gas can be composed of a variety of gases – including methane, ethane, propane, and nitrogen, along with moisture and other impurities. Testing it in advance ensures the gas wouldn’t burn too hot for the engine to tolerate – and it also lets customers know if they need to scrub the gas before burning it, to protect the engine.

“We asked the customer for their analysis and it showed the quality of the well-head gas was terrible,” says Gore. “We made recommendations to the customer about treating the gas and then began our search for a stout engine that was up to the task. WPP quickly found the core engines, letting us create a perfect match for the oil well pump,” Gore continues.

“Our experience has shown us that customer satisfaction comes as much from listening to the customer as it does from checking inventory sheets and sharing specifications,” Gore concludes. “WPP always goes the extra mile to ensure its customers are thrilled, and in this case, a combination of asking the right questions, performing vital fuel analyses and creating a custom package that wasn’t evident at first let us completely satisfy this customer. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.”

About Worldwide Power Products

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