Worldwide Power Products Debuts Oilfield Services Including Gas Generator Sizing And Well-Head Gas Analysis

(PRWEB) April 09, 2014

Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider to industrial and petroleum clients worldwide, today announced it is continuing to expand its roster of services for oil and gas (O&G) companies. WPP now offers an enhanced version of its generator-sizing service for oilfield locations such as drilling and pumping sites. The service includes analyzing well-head gas and making recommendations for how operators can best utilize it with a gas generator set.

“Well-head gas, which is a byproduct of drilling for oil, can be used as fuel for natural gas and bi-fuel generator sets in many cases,” said WPP VP of Sales & Engineering Dave Vennie. “WPP not only can determine if the gas is adequate for fuel in gas engines, we can also size the engine precisely to both the fuel source and the application.”

Choosing a natural gas generator for an oil field site is a complex process that WPP has perfected over many years of effort. Sizing the generator, in particular, requires WPP to employ a specialized technical competency that is very rare among generator providers.

First, WPP evaluates the fuel source for composition. Byproduct gas can contain a variety of gases – including methane, ethane, propane and nitrogen, along with moisture and other impurities.

Some gases burn hotter than others, so WPP compares the engine’s heating capacity with the gas composition. WPP also reviews the percentage of moisture and impurities in the gas to determine what treatments the byproduct gas requires. This determines if the gas is an adequate fuel source for natural gas engines. WPP then determines the appropriate methane number and BTU levels of the fuel to confirm the appropriate engine setup.

Lastly, WPP evaluates the specific application of the intended use for the generator, including motor loads, environmental conditions and other factors, to find the right generator solution. WPP can also perform engine rebuilds, if desired, or add oilfield accessories the operator requires before delivering the final package to the job site.

“Until recently, many operators have flared off byproduct gas, wasting this valuable resource,” says Vennie. “When oilfield operators can burn it to generate power for production activities such as pumping, it’s a win for both the operator and the environment.”

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