Worldwide Power Products Announces New Options for Harnessing Energy from Oil Well Natural Gas By-Product

(February 8, 2013). Worldwide Power Products (WPP), a power-generation equipment provider to industrial clients worldwide, today announced two money-saving options for oilfield operators that currently burn off natural gas by-product through flaring. WPP’s alternatives allow operators to harness this free fuel resource to power their generators.

“We frequently hear from oil drilling companies that want to productively use the natural gas being emitted from their well heads—which otherwise is a wasted by-product,” said WPP VP of Sales & Engineering Dave Vennie. “Operators don’t think to use natural gas in the oil fields because they think of it as a utility fuel that must be delivered via a pipeline. Our program lets them utilize a free resource that is already onsite.”

WPP offers its customers two distinct solutions, both of which are available as generator rentals as well as for purchase:

A diesel generator set with a diesel engine that incorporates an aftermarket bi-fuel system. With this system, operators can run on 100% diesel on demand or incorporate well-head gas into the air intake to replace up to 50% of their diesel fuel with freely available natural gas. The solution cuts fuel costs by up to 70% (based on replacing 50% of diesel fuel with less-expensive natural gas).

Natural gas generator packages that enable a generator to run up to 100% off well-head gas (depending on the quality of the gas). These packages have the ability to run propane fuel if well head gas is not available.

Vennie said that the natural gas generator packages are available now; bi-fuel generators will be available in generators by the end of February. WPP can adapt any of the diesel generators in its inventory for this solution and will also be able to procure generators at a client’s request and outfit them with the bi-fuel solution. WPP can also help customers choose which is most appropriate for their operating environment and business plan.

Even companies that do not have natural gas by-product can benefit financially from these solutions. Both generators work with natural gas from any source, so companies can burn natural gas no matter how they procure it. Due to the price differential between natural gas and diesel fuel, companies can save 50% on fuel costs by burning natural gas in a diesel engine, even without a source of free natural gas.

“Furthermore, when clean burning natural gas can be used to replace dirtier diesel rather than being burned off without any purpose, it’s a net win for everyone,” Vennie concludes. “The operator saves money and the environment benefits as a bonus.”

About Worldwide Power Products

Recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2011 as one of America’s most promising companies and by Inc. in 2012 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, Worldwide Power Products specializes in power generation equipment including new and used engines and generator sets, including portable generators. As an independent company based in Houston, Texas, the company buys, sells and rents new and used generator sets and engines worldwide. In addition, the firm provides rental services for job sites in Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, and offers a standby generator program nationwide. Generator sets range in size from 20kW – 2500kW and engines range in size from 150hp – 4000hp. Brand specialties include Caterpillar generator sets and engines and Cummins generator sets.

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