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Make The Most Of Industrial Generator Controls

Generators are an important part of the industrial world. They can be portable or stationary and are designed to provide a significant amount of power in order to run engines and various machines inside of industrial operations. Generator sets can range anywhere from 20 kW to 2500 kW, thus are able to meet the needs […]

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Industrial Generator Accessories

If you have an industrial generator or a large engine of some kind that you need for your industry, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the accessories that can be used for these expensive and important pieces of equipment. Whether it’s made by respected brands like Caterpillar or Cummins or the generators run […]

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Extending Rig life

Roughly 75% of rigs currently in-use have the potential for an extended lifetime through upgrades. By improving a rig’s power and control systems, its drilling performance, as well as, general operation, can be increased dramatically. Anyone in the industry is likely familiar with the frustration of an old or busted rig. Like relying on a […]

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Advancements in Diesel Generator Sets and Diesel Engines

Surely most people have learned about the industrial revolution at some point in their education. One of the most substantial births of this era in American history was the steam engine, and as such an innovation undoubtedly paved the way for further industrial innovations, we now have the luxury of even greater advancements. These innovations […]

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Shale Boom and the Development of Modern Economy

In case you have not yet heard about the recent shale boom in the Niobrara region of the country, which touches in seven different states, it is perhaps the most recent oil-related hot spot in a string of newsworthy oil endeavors in the United States. Comparatively speaking, we are not known for our abundance of […]

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Environmental Development Partners, LLC Ensures Continuity of Water and Wastewater Treatment Supply with Worldwide Power Products

Environmental Development Partners, LLC (EDP), a contract operator of water and wastewater facilities, knows that providing water and sewer service to the communities they serve is mission critical. In the event of a power outage, pumping stations and other infrastructure rely on standby generators. EDP also recognizes that a professional maintenance program must be followed […]

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Disaster Preparedness: Tips For Your Startup

As published on For a startup owner or busy entrepreneur, it’s easy to focus on growing the business and postpone planning for business disruptions – or even worse, disasters – until “things are caught up.” According to the 2013 Small Business Disaster Survey, 74% of small business owners don’t have a disaster recovery plan for their […]

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