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Prolonged Power Outages Expected as Hurricane Florence Nears East Coast

Over 1 million people are currently under mandatory evacuation orders as Hurricane Florence churns towards the eastern seaboard. Officials warn that the storm — currently a category 4 — ‘has potential to cause massive damage to parts of the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States, and not just in the coastal areas where the storm aims to make […]

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Worldwide Power Products Becomes Authorized Distributor For Marelli Motori Generators

HOUSTON, TX, April 2018 – Worldwide Power Products (WPP) announced that it has become an authorized distributor for Marelli Motori generator ends. Houston-based Worldwide Power Products will locally stock and sell the Marelli generator products as well as provide repairs, replacements and field service for the brand to its customers. Worldwide Power Products VP of […]

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Worldwide Power Products Offers “Budget Billing” Contingency Generator Rental Program; Guarantees Power for Peak of Hurricane Season and Beyond

Unlike most generator rental companies, which raise their rates by as much as three times for in-use periods compared to when the generator is in standby mode, WPP charges a competitive, flat monthly rate whether the client uses the generator or not. WPP also offers an offsite storage option — with guaranteed availability and delivery […]

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Bi-Fuel technology revolutionizes Energy Delivery

By Scott Spidle, VP of Rental and Service, Worldwide Power Products In many sectors―especially in the mining and oil and gas (O&G) industries―fuel expense for generator operation represents a significant portion of total operating costs. As diesel prices have risen over the past few decades, companies that rely upon generators have sought cost-effective alternatives. Natural […]

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Fuel Polishing and Cleaning: Secrets to Diesel Generator Longevity and Performance

A byline for RigZONE by Scott Spidle Generators are an important part of the power supply chain for all oil and gas (O&G operations), from upstream applications such as well drilling and pumping operations, to refineries and other downstream producers, especially those located in remote areas. Although most operators are aware of the importance of […]

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Worldwide Power Products Helps Oil Well Operator Save Fuel Costs; Benefit the Environment by Custom-Matching a Generator to Well-Head Gas Output

For oil producers, being able to use the byproduct gas from well heads rather than flaring it (burning it uselessly) is a golden opportunity. Not only can the gas provide fuel to drive pumping operations, but gas flaring produces harmful emissions that degrade environmental quality. In 2010, the World Bank estimated that 134 billion cubic […]

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Industrial Generator Sizing

Choosing the most advantageous size for industrial generators is not simply a budgetary matter of initial cost. Making the most appropriate choice for your needs can be a crucial consideration. The choices to be made include variables such as primary power supply or backup power, natural gas or diesel power, single-phase, three-phase, kW, or KVA. […]

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