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Automatic transfer switch, inside and out

The Role of a Transfer Switch for Portable & Standby Generators

You already know having a generator for your home or business is a great way to ensure the necessary backup power when you need it most. But what about other items you need to go with it for optimum use? One of the most important accessories for a generator is a transfer switch. This small […]

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Drop of diesel fuel

How to Effectively Clean Diesel with Fuel Polishing

One of the most common concerns with deploying a diesel generator is fuel storage – over the long-term, effective storage presents a unique set of challenges. While you might be tempted to stock up or to leave a full tank sitting for an extended period of time, the risk of contamination becomes much greater the […]

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Generator truck at fairgound

When and Where Are Generators Used? 14 Examples

If you’ve ever wondered–What is a generator used for?–count yourself blessed to live somewhere with such a dependable power grid (and maybe try to get out more).    Thanks to their dependable ability to provide electricity when there would otherwise be none, generators have been a must-have item for vigilant business owners and homeowners for decades. […]

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Choosing a Generator Rental Provider? Ask These Questions First

You may need a generator to protect your business against a power outage or even a planned spike in energy demand. For many businesses, renting generators makes sense, particularly for short-term and infrequent use. To make sure you get the most out of your investment, you will need to ask generator rental providers the right […]

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NFPA 110 contents page

NFPA 110 – An Accessible Guide for Emergency & Standby Generator Operators

Standby generators switch on to restore power to your business during an outage, preventing melting freezers or data loss from costing your company thousands or millions of dollars. However, these generators must be installed according to codes set by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) in order to operate safely and efficiently. NFPA 110 stipulates […]

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Generator rental contract - "I agree" checkbox

Typical Terms in a Generator Rental Agreement

There’s no escaping the truth: We’re totally dependent on electricity.  Without access to instant, reliable power, our worlds go dark. Our wireless devices won’t fire up, we can’t heat or cool our homes, and our food goes bad.  These woes are inconvenient for homeowners, but the situation could be downright detrimental to a business owner.  […]

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Generator sizing tip

Generator Sizing Guide

Buying a generator is typically a significant investment for a home or business owner. It’s also something most consumers don’t do very often, so there’s a lot of confusion around which fuel type to use (diesel, natural gas, propane), which brand is best (Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Generac, Kohler, HIPOWER), and most especially, what size generator […]

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