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Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Generator Working

Everyone who either owns an electrical generator or is considering purchasing one surely recognizes the value of an uninterrupted power supply. Indeed, the purpose of a power generator is to ensure that its owner is never left without a reliable source of electricity. Generators are extremely durable; however, like all complex machines, they require a […]

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HIPOWER HMW1020 T6U Generator Set

What is a Generator?: The Blueprint for Power

The history of generators can be traced back through Michael Faraday’s discovery of electromagnetic induction, Werner Von Siemens’ dynamo and Nikola Tesla’s induction motor. A generator provides electrical power and electrical generators housed in power plants provide nearly all the power for today’s electrical grids.  A subset of generators is the engine-generator (sometimes called a […]

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Hurricane Preparedness: Protection Provided by Power Generators

Seventy percent of all power outages are caused by inclement weather. There is no time to be more wary of this than during hurricane season. The erratic and powerful winds, flooding and lightning that accompany hurricanes put homes, businesses and entire communities at great risks for power failures. The loss of electricity during a natural […]

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