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Generator load bank test by WPP technician

Load Bank Types: Resistive vs Reactive vs Resistive/Reactive vs Electronic

Generators are often kept for the purpose of emergencies. By their very nature, emergencies often transpire unexpectedly, and that’s why operations and facilities, particularly those in the oil and gas industry or services industry (e.g., data centers and hospitals), have generators onsite for standby purposes. A permanent or portable backup generator can give you peace […]

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UL-142 contents page

What You Need to Know About Storage Tank Standards UL-142 & UL-2085

At Worldwide Power Products, we sell and rent generators. This includes diesel generators for a variety of applications. The diesel needed to power these generators requires proper storage in tanks often located onsite. Companies and site operators must maintain specific requirements for these storage tanks. It’s up to the property owner and company to learn […]

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Diesel fuel quality test

Diesel Fuel Management for Standby Generators – Hows, Whats & Whys

Maintenance programs are a common and critical component for generators. The frequency and steps revolve around the type of generator, the use, and the environment in which it operates. In some cases, a simple visual monthly inspection is all that’s needed. Others require specific steps every two years. Most generators require maintenance in the bi-annual […]

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WPP IS HIRING! Natural Gas & Diesel Generator Technicians (Level II+) Wanted

We are hiring Six (6) Natural Gas & Diesel Generator Technicians (Level II-IV)! Excellent pay, benefits, nice work trucks, and a fun family work environment. Please visit our website careers page to apply. Position Summary We have openings for an experienced Gas and Diesel Generator Technician with varying amounts of experience, we want to hear […]

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Drop of diesel fuel

Different Grades of Diesel Fuel Used in Diesel Generators

A continuous supply of clean fuel must be provided to the fuel systems of both prime generators and standby or backup applications for optimal performance when in use. One of the most common forms of fuel used for this purpose is diesel, thus, diesel generators are in high demand. The reasons for diesel are manifold: […]

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Fumes polluting air

Tier Emissions Ratings for Diesel Generators – What You Need to Know

Since the 1950s, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has implemented regulations strategically to improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions. Diesel exhaust is one of these harmful emissions, and as such, the regulations have had an impact on on-road and off-road vehicles and engines, including non-road diesel engines and stationary diesel engine generator sets. But […]

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5 diesel fuel storage tanks

How Long Does Diesel Fuel Last & Tips to Store it for Longer

Diesel fuel prices can fluctuate dramatically from day to month to year. From 2014 to 2016, the price of No 2 diesel, the most common grade of diesel used in diesel generators, declined 50%. The latest figures, in January 2019, log the retail price of No 2 diesel at 2.980 USD/gal, a 39% increase from 3 […]

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