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What You Need to Know About Generator Enclosure Types

Enclosures are growing in importance for generator use, especially in industrial applications. Increasingly, building designers are looking for ways to get the most out of every space they have within a building, moving the generator set outdoors. In large-scale renovations, upgrading an area of a building to meet the power demands and larger generators requires […]

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Generator installation site

Where to Install an Industrial Generator?

The demand for industrial generators, both as a primary and backup power source, spans numerous industries. Because of their reliability and overall ease-of-use, generators are vital to keeping sites operational. Yet, depending on the size and type, the proper location is essential. Choosing the ideal site and preparing it is an important step in the […]

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Securing Generators from Theft & Vandalism

Generators are valuable to your business. While they are expensive, they are also essential to your operation. Any downtime can lead to costs adding up quickly. Yet, generators can be stolen or damaged through vandalism. Even large industrial generators that seem to be safe can still be a target for experienced thieves with the right […]

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Glossary, dictionary

Generator Glossary – Making Sense of Power Generation Terms

As power generation becomes more advanced, so do the terms used in the industry. Terms are more technical and specific. We want you to know them and to use them. It’s part of being a team and generating the power of knowledge together. This glossary is meant as a reference, so bookmark it and return […]

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Different Generator Cooling Methods

Generators range from the small portable kinds that people use as backup power for their homes to large industrial units used as the prime power source at remote oil drilling sites. Whatever the size or function, generators have one thing in common – they all generate heat.   Why Do Generators Need Cooling? Most generators […]

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Offshore oil rig

Power Management Options for Offshore Oil & Gas Rigs

Offshore oil and gas production is a growing sector. Offshore deposits are typically much larger than those that are found on land. This is why more companies are looking to develop them. As oil prices slowly increase, offshore oil and gas production increases as well. No one knows exactly when gas will shoot up, but […]

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Remote generator monitoring room

Monitoring Generators in Remote Sites

The Growth in Remote Exploration Sites The oil and gas sector is undergoing significant change and growth. In many ways, this growth has meant more diverse and remote locations. With so much onshore unconventional reservoir production and challenging remote location exploration occurring, the need for reliable power has grown significantly. These environments are creating significant […]

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