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Generator Glossary – Making Sense of Power Generation Terms

As power generation becomes more advanced, so do the terms used in the industry. Terms are more technical and specific. We want you to know them and to use them. It’s part of being a team and generating the power of knowledge together. This glossary is meant as a reference, so bookmark it and return […]

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Different Generator Cooling Methods

Generators range from the small portable kinds that people use as backup power for their homes to large industrial units used as the prime power source at remote oil drilling sites. Whatever the size or function, generators have one thing in common – they all generate heat.   Why Do Generators Need Cooling? Most generators […]

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Offshore oil rig

Power Management Options for Offshore Oil & Gas Rigs

Offshore oil and gas production is a growing sector. Offshore deposits are typically much larger than those that are found on land. This is why more companies are looking to develop them. As oil prices slowly increase, offshore oil and gas production increases as well. No one knows exactly when gas will shoot up, but […]

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Remote generator monitoring room

Monitoring Generators in Remote Sites

The Growth in Remote Exploration Sites The oil and gas sector is undergoing significant change and growth. In many ways, this growth has meant more diverse and remote locations. With so much onshore unconventional reservoir production and challenging remote location exploration occurring, the need for reliable power has grown significantly. These environments are creating significant […]

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Lab test tube experiment at college

Why Do Schools Need Backup Generators?

It is obvious that healthcare, banking, and manufacturing or processing industries require backup power (typically in the form of diesel engine generators) to sustain their operations during power outages. Many other sectors also rely heavily on backup power to keep their day-to-day operations afloat; one of them being the education sector. Schools, colleges, and institutions […]

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Cell tower

How Did Backup Generators Keep Cell Phones Working During Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm that made landfall in Texas on the last days of August 2017. It is said to tie 2005’s Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone ever recorded – with over $125 billion in damage. The storm pummeled the state with over 3 feet of rain and wind gusts […]

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Energy facilities by the Houston Ship Channel

Why Did Houston Become the Energy Capital of the World?

Houston is the energy capital of the world, and that is an indisputable fact! The city is home to the headquarters of more than 500 oil and gas exploration and production firms in the country and hundreds of firms providing supporting activities (we are one of them). Not only that, it has nine refineries producing […]

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