Oil & Gas Equipment Supplier

Worldwide Power Products provides power generation solutions for many different applications within the petroleum industry.  We cover upstream, midstream and downstream operations. These applications include offshore and land drilling, hydraulic fracturing, gas compression, production facilities and refineries.

Oilfield Generators, Engines, Parts & Support – What We Provide

  • WPP specializes in delivering generators with the required specifications on short notice.

  • Reliable and fuel-efficient generators for on-site activities such as camp loads, draw-works, drilling and mud pumping.

  • We can support you throughout the entire operation, from installation and testing, maintenance and service through to decommissioning.

  • Both natural gas and diesel generators and engines available depending upon application, conditions and budget.

  • Our equipment can power operations in harsh and remote locations, including cold weather, high humidity and low oxygen.

  • New and used equipment available to match your needs and budget.

  • Capabilities to handle any operation, from simple configurations to multiple generator sets running in parallel.

Rental Equipment for Oil & Gas Operations

If purchasing power generation equipment is not the right solution for you, Worldwide Power Products offers a wide selection of rental equipment for oil and gas operations. We offer emergency rental equipment or prime power solutions. Our equipment is from top manufacturers you respect including Cummins, Caterpillar, Multiquip, and HIPOWER, among others. Every unit and component we offer is fully inspected and tested before rental.

If you need generators, engines or parts, our experienced professionals can offer guidance and support to you. Choose a long-term or short-term lease for natural gas generators, diesel generators, and other components. If you’ve suffered a power grid failure for your oil production facility or a power outage due to a weather event, our team can help get you back up and running in no time. No matter what your facility’s need, we can help you.

Repair & Maintenance Services in the Field

Keeping your generators working can be a full-time job. At Worldwide Power Products, we specialize in providing routine repair and maintenance services to our clients. This includes preventative maintenance to keep your systems up to date and warranties in place. We also offer full inspection and repair services for most types of diesel and gas generators and engines right in the field.

Our team’s expertise extends to drilling, fracking, and refinery operations. Whether you have a system that’s no longer working due to a lack of electricity or a drop in efficiency occurring, our professionals can aid in investigating the problem, creating a solution, and getting your generator or generator engine back online in no time. We use best practices and manufacturer-required methods to keep your systems working at their best. This includes everything from air filters to electrolyte levels. Within the oil and gas sector, these services are critical to ensure the long life of your system and productivity levels.

Power Generation Solutions for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Operations

Generators are versatile and can be used in the upstream sector as well as the downstream sector. Whether you are in exploration, development, or natural gas or crude oil production and manufacturing, or you are in the consumer, tanker, refiner, or retailer sectors, generators can prove to be a reliable asset.

In upstream operations, generators can provide reliable power for pumps and oil field equipment, reducing some of the high costs of operating these systems. When connecting to an existing electric system is not possible, such as in remote locations where much production takes place, generators can create the constant stream of power desired. They can manage extreme weather better and fill a need for power generation when there is no other option, expanding your organization’s capabilities in the field.

Utilize our generators as a primary power or backup power source. Utilize our products for your rig, drilling, crude oil production, or any heavy equipment needs you have. If there is an emergency and the main power shuts down, generators can keep your production flowing. You can depend on us for comprehensive support no matter the needs your organization has.