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Standby Diesel Generators

Diesel backup generators are available in a wide range of configurations that vary based upon the application and mode of operation. Liquid-cooled diesel backup generators such as those that HIPOWER SYSTEMS offers are preferable where quiet operation is required; they also offer a more evenly controlled temperature than air-cooled backup diesel generators.

Diesel standby generators cost less to maintain than natural gas models due to a variety of factors, including the absence of a spark ignition system. They are considered more rugged and reliable in very harsh conditions and have longer operating lives. They also will perform with less frequent service intervals. Depending on the size and operating speed of the engine, a diesel backup generator may run for three times as long as its natural gas counterpart before requiring servicing.

Industrial, diesel-powered backup generators for standby backup power are commonly found in agricultural, construction, forestry, hospital, marine, mining, telecommunications and underground applications. Diesel standby/backup generators can be outfitted with bifuel systems to burn natural gas, as well.

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ModelEngineStandby KWPhaseFrequency
HYW 45-T6Yanmar43.8Three60View Product
HYW 45-M6Yanmar40Single60View Product
HYW 35-M6Yanmar34.3Single60View Product
HYW 35-T6Yanmar35.5Three60View Product
HYW 25-T6Yanmar22.7Three60View Product
HYW 25-M6Yanmar21.5Single60View Product
HYW 20-T6Yanmar18Three60View Product
HYW 20-M6Yanmar17Single60View Product
HYW 14-M6Yanmar13.3Single60View Product
HYW 9-M6Yanmar8.2Single60View Product

Voltage Options:
Single phase: 120/240V
Three Phase - 120/208, 120/240, 277/480, 600V