Engine and Generator Consulting

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Full Service Consulting

With our experienced staff and partners, WPP has the ability to offer you a total turn-key solution, taking care of everything from start to finish.  You can be sure you are getting the right product for the right application.

Generator Sizing

Having trouble choosing the correct generator size? Consider the following:

  • How much power will you need to run the equipment you have?
  • What type of generator will you need? Portable or standby?
  • Do you have an emergency power system? Where are your electrical panels?


Dealing with emission compliance when using power products can be a bit tricky, but we offer extensive support with these guidelines to make sure you are able to use your equipment as you wish.

  • We make sure you are in compliance with EPA standards.
  • Our experienced engineers help you purchase a compliant product.
  • We are well informed on all emission standards.


WPP provides installation consultation on all engines and generators that we sell. We handle all the permits, authorizations, electricians, and contractors. We assist you with the preinstallation process of prepping the area where the unit will be located.

Custom Packaging

We offer well-engineered, custom modifications to any equipment to meet your unique needs. We will work with you to overcome even the most complex issues and challenges.

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